Innovation in sexual health / wellbeing.

A single moment of resilience can break a chain of events. That moment is demonstrated by someone taking PrEP. PrEP is the pill designed to prevent the transmission of HIV, It is taken by someone who does not have HIV and is taken as part of a routine before HIV exposure.

A moment of resilience might equally happen after they contract HIV. Taking effective medication enables them to become Undetectable. Being Undetectable means their viral count does not threaten their life and HIV cannot be passed on to others, even during sex without a condom.

A moment of resilience can be many things, such as having the Hep A, B or HPV vaccination before exposure to the viruses for instance.

Likewise when we are motived to pass on important information another chain of events can be set into motion. The domino effect can work in our favour equally. It can take a little planning, but it often starts with one domino committing to a direction and making a difference happen.

Our projects focus on reaching those communities that are traditionally left behind by mainstream sexual health and wellbeing messaging. We are committed to supporting communities in the most need such as sex workers, LGBTQ+ people, people of colour and those in the adult entertainment industry. Through innovation and determination we can make change.