Innovation in sexual health / wellbeing.

Our projects focus on reaching communities that are traditionally left behind by mainstream sexual health and wellbeing messaging. We are committed to supporting communities in the most need; such as sex workers, LGBTQ+ people, people of colour and those in the adult entertainment industry. Through innovation and determination we can make change.

Our next large goal is to raise funds for HIV PCR/RNA testing. Tests which are rarely available on the NHS. Doing so for UK adult entertainment industry, to demonstrate to the NHS, the benefits of the industry accessing these tests. The aim, is for the HIV PCR tests to be used as a standard for the adult industry, without the need for other HIV testing.

This means, performers living with HIV who are undetectable (Virally suppressed so they cannot pass on HIV) would not face discrimination in the industry, but would expect equal treatment. Productions would then not be liable for breaching the Equality Care Act by discriminating against people living with HIV. All reducing risks of new HIV cases within the adult industry.

This steps also result in less pressure for performers living with HIV to take on work with higher personal risk. Performers facing HIV stigma in the adult film industry are encouraged to join USW and make a case against any party treating them differently because of their HIV status if they are Undetectable. For more information about this subject visit the PPSD pledge.

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