About Us

In 2016 one of our founders, Jason, had a HIV scare whilst filming Adult Content in the UK. Soon after this scare he discovered the existance of PrEP and how it can be used to protect against HIV transmission. At the time it wasn't well known and access to the drug was difficult and so he kept it a closely guarded secret.

Within a few months, a number of Jason's close friends contracted HIV. Which quickly made him realise that his knowledge of PrEP needed to be made public. Porn4PrEP was born.

Following the success of Porn4PrEP, a number of like minded people set about with the goal of teaching the world about sexual health. So many of the existing campaigns being run for sexual health don't reach the communities most in need for a variety of reasons. The Domino Foundation was setup to come up with projects and new ideas that can get vital information into the hands of everybody.

In addition to our awareness projects, we also tackle the stigma around Sex as well as Sexual Health. We feel that everyone deserves to live their own life, whatever form that takes, without fear of discrimination or harassment. With a keen focus on HIV awareness, and stigma against Sex Workers.

We are always open to support and new project ideas, if you think you can help please drop us a message and we will get back to you.