The Domino Foundation is working on a number of projects, all of which use unique methods in an attempt to educate those who are unable to access the information or resources that are available to teach about sexual health.

Community Support Handbook

We are writing a practical and comprehensive handbook that supports adult entertainers and sex workers. The guide is a collaboration between health professionals, welfare specialists, as well as those in the sex industry themselves. The handbook aims to keep people informed about safe practices, sexual health progress and legal aid resources, as well as to provide tools that may help them in day-to-day life.


We have talks that can be presented to groups of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, ages, serostatuses and so on. We can provide contemporary advice and information on a diverse range of topics, from things that everybody should know, and things  that most people don't. This includes PrEP, the U=U campaign and general sexual health wellbeing. Talks can be followed up with a Q&A session, with our professionals on hand to provide concise yet detailed information.

Faith and Human Rights

Many religious texts contain passages validating human rights violations. Taken out of context, these can be misinterpreted and can cause discrimination or even extremism. We are lobbying for newly published religious texts to have passages underlined in red, if they breach human rights. As these texts are used for spiritual teaching, this reminds readers that these sections are referential, not to be acted upon. This protects faiths and discourages radicalisation.

Work Within the Adult Industry

In this day and age it is inevitable that everybody will come across porn, in most instances this will be before their first sexual encounter. Unfortunately the scenes and information portrayed in porn can be misleading, derogatory and giving a terrible impression. But as this is the first insights into sex a lot of people have these days, we are not afraid to use the industry to spread safe and healthy advice through the medium of porn.


As a collaboration between over 30 adult entertainers and sexual health experts, we produced our own porn scene. Shared across platforms including porn sites, Facebook and YouTube, the film had multiple edits with varying degrees of explicitness. The project contains information about PrEP, which was our primary focus, but also topics including coming out, HIV, stigma, U=U and other sexual health information.

The Good Porn Project

Leading on from Porn4PrEP we have opened up to the world and taking suggestions for our next film project, we are using the knowledge of our followers to provide us with suggestions of what to film next, once we have 5 plots we are happy with we will create scripts, film and edit together a further 5 scenes, these films will be available online in the same way Porn4PrEP was, but will also be published onto a DVD and available in even more places.